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The Flipside of Glamour

I was sitting with Andrew the Family Law Solicitor in a noisy hotel bar opposite the Family Law Courts. Andrew was telling me about the worst date of his life. He had met a girl on a dating website. They had chatted over the phone a few times before they decided to meet, face to face, for the first time.

“I walked into the bar and I saw her sitting at a table. Our eyes met and the greatest look of disappointment swept over her face before she could hide it. I felt like running away but I sat down with her and said hello before she asked if I felt like a drink. I said yes and she walked away…”

I looked at Andrew. “So, did she bring you back a drink before she split?”

“Nuh, I haven’t seen her since”.

“But Andrew, I don’t understand how she could be disappointed with you when your image would be on your profile of the website…”

Andrew picked up his phone and showed me his profile. The image he presented was truly handsome, a dashing hero of supreme masculinity. Andrew is a good looking young man. He just didn’t live up to his own selfie.

The sophisticated country girl will find a similar disparity exists between the glamorous images posted by her city friends onto their social media sites and the true nature of their lives in the city. (more…)

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The sophisticated country girl is going come face to face with different situations involving her friends in the city where she will have a choice to toe the line and comply with their dress codes or completely disregard the sartorial norms of her city friends and dress the way she really wants to.

One such occasion is when the sophisticated country girl receives an invitation from one of her city friends to come to morning coffee with her mothers’ group at an inner city café. The invitation will usually be accompanied by the phrase “…It will be really casual”. This is city girl talk for “please wear your trainers and sport clothes and not those western boots you sometimes turn up in….” On arrival at the inner city café the sophisticated country girl will notice that the city girls will all be dressed in tight, multi-coloured workout gear teamed with a pair of bright multi coloured trainers.

It should be noted that a guiding principle of the fashion industry is that no one ever went broke underestimating the public taste. We see this principle applied with force when it comes to work out gear. The sport fashion labels gave up trying to make clingy, black Lycra tights flattering or attractive so instead they decided to make them downright ugly. Tights now come in garish colours and are three quarter length. An awkward length on an unforgiving pair of pants in colours that suit no one. Team them up with a pair of bulky, multi coloured trainers and you have an outfit no one will look good in. Inner city mums immediately adopted it as their morning coffee uniform.


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