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Men in High Waisted Jeans

The sophisticated country girl will discover on her trips to the city that geography and the fashion world has carefully separated Australian men into two different categories. Men who live east of The Great Divide in the cities and suburbs wear tight low waisted jeans and men who live in the wide open landscapes west of the Great Divide wear looser fitting high waisted jeans.

Men who wear tight low waisted jeans wear them with sneakers and tight t-shirts. Men in loose low waisted jeans wear them with western boots and faded cotton work shirts tucked in behind belts with large silver buckles.

High waisted jeans become soft and faded over the years because, being in the country, they get very dirty and require frequent washing. Tight, low waisted jeans remain stiff and dark. This is because men in tight, low waisted jeans never wash their jeans. I know this because when I was buying a pair of tight, low waisted jeans recently I was advised by the young and groovy sales assistant not to wash them.

“Really...” I said. (more…)

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