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The Flipside of Glamour

I was sitting with Andrew the Family Law Solicitor in a noisy hotel bar opposite the Family Law Courts. Andrew was telling me about the worst date of his life. He had met a girl on a dating website. They had chatted over the phone a few times before they decided to meet, face to face, for the first time.

“I walked into the bar and I saw her sitting at a table. Our eyes met and the greatest look of disappointment swept over her face before she could hide it. I felt like running away but I sat down with her and said hello before she asked if I felt like a drink. I said yes and she walked away…”

I looked at Andrew. “So, did she bring you back a drink before she split?”

“Nuh, I haven’t seen her since”.

“But Andrew, I don’t understand how she could be disappointed with you when your image would be on your profile of the website…”

Andrew picked up his phone and showed me his profile. The image he presented was truly handsome, a dashing hero of supreme masculinity. Andrew is a good looking young man. He just didn’t live up to his own selfie.

The sophisticated country girl will find a similar disparity exists between the glamorous images posted by her city friends onto their social media sites and the true nature of their lives in the city. (more…)

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Warm and Loving

As a little boy growing up in Gatton I remember my father used to stay up after the rest of the family had gone to bed and watch TV by himself. On occasion I would creep out of my bedroom to join him on the couch and fall asleep watching late night TV.

On one such occasion I slunk out of my bedroom, the only light in the house was that from the TV screen, I climbed into the old couch and snuggled up to my father. He was watching “Deliverance”. We made it to the “Duelling Banjos” scene before the creeping menace of the film began to unnerve me. I pressed myself into my father and looked up at him.

“Daddy… you’ll never take me to that place, will you?”

My father gently put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close.

“Davey… we live in Gatton.”

That confused me. To me Gatton was not a desperate backwater inhabited by sinister hillbillies. Gatton was a warm and loving town where lived my warm and loving family who tended their warm and loving potato farms (which grew warm and loving potatoes).

My father, having grown up in the sophisticated metropolis that was Brisbane in the 1960s had a different perspective of my warm and loving home town.

The sophisticated country girl will discover that many men have this same confusing relationship with particular articles of their clothing. It might be a pair jeans or a shirt that her man has grown up with and still loves. Sincerely believing that, like a fine wine, the article of clothing only improves with age. However, in the eyes of the sophisticated country girl, the article of clothing is no more than a squalid rag that is either well out of fashion or was never in fashion and is better placed in the company of a backwater hillbilly than worn by the object of her affections. (more…)

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Don't Go Unnoticed

Over the course of her life the sophisticated country girl will find herself having to attend the odd family event that she really prefer not to be at. The sophisticated country girl would rather to melt into the back ground, become a wallflower and go unnoticed than to stand out on these occasions. For such affairs the fashion world created the pink pastel.

Pure colours are vibrant, they are beautiful and they attract attention. To make a colour less vibrant, less attractive and to go unnoticed all you have to do is add some white and you have created the pastel. The most self-effacing pastel of all is the pink pastel. The pink pastel is what you wear when your self-esteem is low and you need to camouflage yourself.

Early one morning an unmarried sophisticated country girl finds herself reading her invitation to her pretty younger sister’s wedding ceremony to her handsome, successful merchant banking boyfriend. The ceremony is to be held at his parents’ mansion on Sydney Harbour where the happy young couple are to arrive by helicopter. The sophisticated country girl reads the invitation she has just collected from the run down local post office after a 1 hour drive in 40 degree heat in an old flat tray Land Cruiser with no air conditioning and some unrecognisable road kill stuck to the front bumper. The unmarried sophisticated country girl looks up at the dusty, wind swept street with its empty shops and dismal old pub and wonders if she will ever find a man to love. (more…)

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