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The sophisticated country girl is going come face to face with different situations involving her friends in the city where she will have a choice to toe the line and comply with their dress codes or completely disregard the sartorial norms of her city friends and dress the way she really wants to.

One such occasion is when the sophisticated country girl receives an invitation from one of her city friends to come to morning coffee with her mothers’ group at an inner city café. The invitation will usually be accompanied by the phrase “…It will be really casual”. This is city girl talk for “please wear your trainers and sport clothes and not those western boots you sometimes turn up in….” On arrival at the inner city café the sophisticated country girl will notice that the city girls will all be dressed in tight, multi-coloured workout gear teamed with a pair of bright multi coloured trainers.

It should be noted that a guiding principle of the fashion industry is that no one ever went broke underestimating the public taste. We see this principle applied with force when it comes to work out gear. The sport fashion labels gave up trying to make clingy, black Lycra tights flattering or attractive so instead they decided to make them downright ugly. Tights now come in garish colours and are three quarter length. An awkward length on an unforgiving pair of pants in colours that suit no one. Team them up with a pair of bulky, multi coloured trainers and you have an outfit no one will look good in. Inner city mums immediately adopted it as their morning coffee uniform.

The sophisticated country girl could be forgiven for thinking that her city friends have all been to the park for a boxercise class or working out at the gym before meeting for coffee. They haven’t; no more than our sophisticated country girl has been out that morning herding livestock. Her city friends have been dropping their plump, rosy cheeked children at day care in their 4wheel drive vehicles (that never see a dirt road…) or walking around behind a new breed dog (that never goes outside) with a plastic bag.

This is the perfect opportunity for some noncompliance. The sophisticated country girl is as justified wearing her slinky boot cut jeans and western boots to morning coffee as the inner city mum have wearing their work out gear. Your slinky boot cut jeans and western boots will cut a finer figure than their skin tight Lycra and bulky trainers. If you need to check this but don’t actually want to invest in a pair of tights and trainers then find a box of multi coloured spray paints and stand in front of the mirror with no clothes on. Without checking the colour of the paint, spray your legs and body lots of bright colours then stand in a pair of watermelons. If you really want to achieve the morning coffee look follow this procedure as soon as you get out of bed without having a shower, doing your hair or brushing your teeth.

The inner city mums just like everyone to conform; when all of them are equally unattractive it makes them feel more comfortable. Also, they are scared that with those high top western boots you might step on the toes of one on their plump, rosy cheeked children or worse yet; one of their godforsaken new breed dogs that can’t be left at home because it gets separation anxiety.

The sophisticated country girl be more comfortable, look better and be happier in herself if she chooses not to comply with the dress code of the inner city mums for their morning coffee and simply be herself. The Sophisticated country girl may even lean back in her chair dressed in her slinky boot cut jeans and western boots sipping her flat white and wonder if the shoe were on the other foot and her inner city friend were to be invited to morning coffee west of The Great Divide would she turn up in her three quarter length multi coloured Lycra tights and bright multi coloured trainers.

Well no, of course she wouldn’t. After seeing how flattering slinky boot cut jeans and western boots are when worn by her sophisticated country friend the inner city mum is going to spend half a day and a small fortune in R M Williams before she sets foot anywhere west of The Great Divide.

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